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Dec. 5th, 2011 09:47 am
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245,333 Just an oil change this time.
I'll have to wait until finances are better to repair the wonky driver's door lock.

This time I'm using my iPod touch to post.

There's a new New Beetle parked in the waiting area, it looks good in person.

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EDIT: Total cost: Parts $55.66 + Labor $19.29 + $6.46 (8.625% Sales Tax) = $81.41
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High, but not as bad as I thought ...

"D" Level Service - Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Oil Change, Plugs, Check Codes, etc ...
Parts $186.51, Labor $340.00 = $526.31

4 Wheel Alignment - $99.95

Replace broken Dipstick (handle broke) - $19.80

At my request they hunted for signs of where the oil is going - the turbo output pipe shows signs of oil, so as we supposed it is most likely the turbocharger that is causing the oil consumption. For now I'll just have to watch the oil level carefully.

Total Parts - $206.31; Total Labor $439.95; Sales Tax (8.625%) $55.74 = Total $702.00

Rental - $109.08

Grand Total = $811.08
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I figure this will be a "lump sum" maintenance report for January. There were a couple of expenses, but not enough to warrant posts of their own.

On December 27th there was a MAJOR snow storm here on Lon Gisland. Yep, you guessed it - I had to travel that night in the worst of it.

It was about 14 miles round trip and I only got stuck about six times. Unfortunately, I also was in a collision. I made a right turn and the road was icy. The car went wide and clipped the front of a car waiting to make a left turn. The other car had the front bumper cover damaged. Mine was the left turn signal and bracket, the left headlight, left front bumper trim and the hood. $250 total cost to me and I had them replace the right headlight also as it was still foggy even after a polishing treatment. Total outlay:$525.89. Plus my part of the rental car (a new Chrysler Sebring *yawn* - insurance allows a fixed $30 per day) about $160 or so, it hasn't hit the credit card yet. I don't know what this one will do to my insurance rate - we shall see.

The other expense was the NY State inspection and a bit of other work I wanted done. Tire rotation & balance, add some oil.
Mileage: 238535, Total: $134.61

So as I said, not enough for separate posts, but enough to log.

Side grumble: Regular gas is running about $3.359 / gallon, so a 3/4 tank fill up is about $40 per.
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Oil Change and filter *NO CHARGE* - I had a punch card kind of a "Buy ten, get one free" deal.

"Right side CV boot and axle flange seal need to be replaced"
"Found Boot torn and axle seal leaking"
These are original parts, 10 years old and 235,110 miles of wear.
It's the first time I've had anything done on these.
Total: 111.00 parts, 318.00 labor, 37.00 sales tax = 466.00

The next service at 240,000 will be a big one.
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Oil Change - Parts 47.43, Labor 27.52 = 74.95
Adjust Driver's Door - Labor = 106.00
Rear Brakes - Parts 239.66, Labor 212.00 = 451.66
Transmission Service (filter and fluid change) Parts 262.43, Labor 265.00 = 527.43
Crankcase Breather Hose - Parts 76.75, Labor 212.00 = 288.75
Serpentine Belts (3) - Parts 62.70, Labor 106.00 = 168.70
Coolant Bottle - Parts 81.84, Labor 53.00 = 134.84
Cooling System Flush - Parts 54.56, Labor 53.00 = 107.56
Coolant Flange - Parts 43.42, Labor 212.00

Total Parts - 868.79
Total Labor - 1246.52 (106.00/hr)
Tax - 182.44

Grand Total - 2297.75
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I had the car in for the $tate In$pection today.

The safety / Emissions test was $37, they had to add two quarts of $ynthetic Oil ($25.90 - yeah, I let it get low), they replaced a brake light bulb ($12) and 3 third brake light bulbs ($24).  They added $42.50 for labor and $12.21 in sales tax - Grand total $153.61

The rear brakes just passed, and I'll probably need to do them at the 230,000 mile service in the next few weeks.
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Not pretty this time.

Valve Cover gasket and Cam Tensioner were leaking oil, about 2 Quarts in 5000 miles.  I had them fixed as I know I'd forget at some time to check for low oil.  $419.37 (65.87 Parts, 353.50 Labor)

Air Conditioner not working.  Unfortunately this too could not be put off as I drive my elderly parents around (Dad will be 90 on Friday the 7th, Mum will be 88 on Saturday the 8th)  $268.58 (117.08 Parts, 151.50 Labor)

Oil Change - $74.95 (Parts 49.10, Labor 25.85)

Total: Parts $232.05, Labor $530.85, Sales tax $65.80 = $828.70
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Just an oil change this time - total for Oil, Filter, Washer, wiper fluid top off (forgot to ask them NOT to do it) tax, etc. 90.88
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- Heat Shield Recall work
- Fixed faulty Cruise Control < Requested repair
- Replaced worn engine mounts (all three) < Found during inspection
- Oil change with filter

Parts: $337.40; Labor $369.80; Sales Tax $61.00 = Total $768.20
These prices are after a 15% discount coupon was applied. Original total was about $930.00

Car rental for 2 days: $90.88 + $6.00 for gas. (Toyota mini-van at economy car rate plus a break on gas - Thanks Enterprise!)

Total outlay: $ 865.08, and they washed the car. (but now it's raining)
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207,000 miles +/-

New Battery at Sears
3 year full replacement, pro-rated after that.

Lots of rain, so I had them put it in rather than getting one myself and swapping it in the parking lot at an Auto Parts Store.
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Monday evening on the way home I got a quick Low Oil Pressure warning while on a curved exit ramp.
I went to a Service station and checked the oil level. It was 2 qts low. $20 later (synthetic oil is expen$ive!) I had filled it enough to get home and then to VW Service. As I put the dipstick back the plastic "funnel" tube that holds the stick shattered from age.

The first thing Tuesday morning it was off to VW Service. The oil leak was from the oil pan drain plug. The threads in the female oil pan insert had worn. The insert is a separate piece so it was easy to change. I'm glad I caught the low oil before it became too serious.

Parts were $45.99 (pan insert, new dipstick, new "funnel") Labor was $101.00 (1 Hour) and tax $12.68 Total: $159.67

Again it's all age and use related wear, expected as the car gets older.

I'll have to come up with some kind of VW icon so you folks can skip these car posts. I do them so that I have an easy to reference record of what goes on with the car.
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Two days after I got it back a clamp in the exhaust system failed.
The hood release latch also broke.

Another $155.39 (Labor 101.00, Parts 42.05, Tax 12.34)

200,532 miles.
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I picked up the car today. It went in back on the 11th.

It has hit the 200,000 mile mark, and got a thorough going over. Unfortunately there were a couple of things that added to the bill.

Requested service: Timing Belt, tensioner, water pump, auxiliary belts, water pump, major tune-up.

Found: Front and rear brakes and rotors, leak at valve cover gasket, small leak in radiator.

Parts total: $1644.43, Labor $1187.00, Sales Tax $244.21, Rental Car $284.01 Total: $3359.65

About $1300 more than I had thought it would cost all in the "found" stuff.
The radiator was the original, the valve cover gasket was last done at 100,000 miles.
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In for the 195,000 mile service. I'm almost on time for this one. It should be a routine oil change. The NEXT service will be the big one.

Of course I'm stuck here for a few hours. I didn't bring the laptop, just the PSP.

In keeping with my geeky routine of posting these VW entries from a portable device, this one's from my BlackBerry cell phone.
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Well I'm back at VW for another routine service.

Not much to post other than that. In keeping with my habit of using portable devices to post, this one's coming from a BlackBerry 8830WE my current cell phone.
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Oil Change, Rear Brake Pads, Diagnosed problem with cruise control (bad switch).

Parts $133.18
Labor $212.30
Tax $ 29.80
TOTAL: $375.28

Mileage: 185,547
Waited for the car 8:00AM to 12:30PM


Aug. 11th, 2007 08:06 am
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Once again at VW. For the 180,000 mile service this time. A little late.

Oil change, flush the coolant system, flush the3 brake system.

The total will probably be about $300

I'll be here for at least a couple of hours too.

Well, they have a good wireless connection, so I may hop onto Secnd Life or World of Warcraft.
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I took the Passat in for service yesterday at 175,282 miles.  Oil change plus a couple of things that looked like they needed attention. The outer edges of the front tires were worn so it probably needed an alignment, the air conditioner wasn't conditioning air.

I didn't get a call to pick up the car last night, but I had to work a little late and so had planned to get it this morning anyway.  Instead I got a call from the service manager saying they need to keep the car through Monday.  It turns out that the car does need an alignment - also a right tie rod end.  The two worn tires should also be replaced, but I've had them rotated to the back. As the wear is only to the outer corner of the tread they will be OK for now.
VW can replace the tires, but the price looks high.  I'll go back to the tire dealer instead.  They did not have time to check the AC yesterday.

All in all, it'll probably be about an eight hundred dollar outing plus the later replacement of the tires.

As I am once again commuting the 90 mile round trip up to South Norwalk CT, the car needs to be maintained.

The car will be eight years old this December.  New small cars are beginning to catch my attention.  I've been to the showrooms to look at a Scion xA and a Honda Fit Sport.  I test drove a Kia Rondo.  All three are nice, but I am spoiled by the performance, room and comfort of the Passat wagon.  The 0-60 acceleration of any of the others is almost twice that of the Passat, and even a +8 mpg increase on regular gas is not enough to justify replacing the car.  It is serving me well so far and the type of repairs I'm making are expected.

It does leave me house-bound for the weekend though.


Mar. 28th, 2006 08:43 am
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Just got back home from dropping the car off for it's 160,000 mile service.
It's what they call a "major" service (every 40,000 miles)  Filters, plugs, etc, etc.
It will be several hundred dollars even if they don't find anything to mess with.

Yeah, this is a boring post, but it logs the service, which is the intent.
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