Sep. 7th, 2009 05:29 pm
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Home from upstate.  Left about 12:15, home before 2:45.
142 miles, average speed 60mph, average mpg: 29

It was a NICE drive!
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On my way out to Jury Duty this morning my Passat will pass the 200,000 mile mark.

It's all set to go in for service tomorrow.
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VW Service.

Oil change ($66.85) plus fixed broken hose/pipe to diverter valve ($189.14).  add tax ($22.08) for $278.07

Oh yeah, $12.82 for the rocker panel jack point door.
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JBadger and I were headed down to New Jersey for Tony Ringtail's BarBQ.
We get to Canal Street, crossing NY City to the tunnel and a warning beep goes off.

The dash display lights up with



Not a good sign at all.  We have to at least get out of the tunnel.  We did and I stopped at the nearest gas station and bought four quarts of oil.
The oil level read normal after two quarts, but I could see oil on the side of the block just above the filter where the oil cooler hoses come in along with the oil pressure switch.
The source of the leak can't be seen though.  The good news is that the car runs normally and there's no sign of oil in the coolant overflow.

We keep going.  A little ways along, same thing.  So we put in the next two quarts.  At this point it's closer to Tony's than to my place, so I decide to finish the trip.
Two more quarts at a rest stop plus one extra for "later".  We get off the Turnpike and hit an auto store for 20 quarts.  These get me to Tony's and on Sunday to the fursuiting event we were doing. A stop at Costco for another 24 got me almost home and a last stop near home got me three to finish the trip and get the car to VW tomorrow morning.

Total 54 quarts of oil - most left on the road, or on the bottom and back of the car for $112.70.   Installed in 8 mile or ten minute intervals, whichever came first.

Monday 10:30AM Update #1

I just got the call from VW - it is the oil pressure switch - a $13 part that will cost $120 to install.  Plus 2 quarts of oil to top it off.
Since they already have the car for the day, I'm also having them check on a groaning noise in the steering.  Hopefully it'll also be minor.

Monday 3:OOPM Update #2

I was literally sitting in my folk's car at 12:30 about to start it when I got the call saying my car would be ready in "about an hour".  So I decided to wait instead of heading in to work just to leave early to pick up the car.  By the time I got back it was just about 2:00PM so I called in "sick".  I took about half an hour to wash the oil off the rear of the car (it was covered due to the aerodynamics pulling it up from underneath the car as it leaked).  Total cost was a bit higher than the above quote - 145.50 for labor, 12.41 for the part, $10 for two quarts of oil (ripoff!!) plus sales tax brought the total bill to $183.39. *sigh*

Now I need to go to an auto parts store to get some non-sieze thread compound for the bolts that hold the new aluminium skid plate.  Then I have to put the car up on the ramps to install it.
Should be an hour's job (he says very optimistically).

I also have to go to a Verizon Wireless store to see why the outside screen on my new Motorola Razr has gone dark.
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Actually, at 149,270.  I've had a vibration at the left front of the car for a couple of weeks now and needed it checked.
I went to the tire dealer yesterday as that could have been a probable cause.  He diagnosed a bad wheel bearing.
I made the appointment with VW when I got back from that visit.

So the bearing was about $300, the 150K mile service about $150 and tax brought it up to about $480 - plus $45 to rent a Ford Focus from Enterprise for the day.

Oh well, two more payments and it's all mine!


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