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At 30,150 miles (appx)

$425.00 + 37.80 sales tax = $462.80

Included: Air Filter, Cabin Filter, Oil & Filter change, Transaxle Fluid change, rear differential fluid change, transfer case fluid change, general inspection.

Will need front brakes very soon.
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I was lucky and got a preview pass for Thor - The Dark World. (Actually I got two passes, but couldn't find anyone to use the second one.)

While not the best movie (3 stars from me), it is still a lot of fun and is worth seeing, especially if you liked the first Thor movie.
It was in Real 3D format, but they didn't play games with gratuitous 3D effects just for the sake of doing them.

The basic story is the supposedly defeated and long dead Dark Elves are back and are trying to reset the universe to their standards.
Thor, of course is trying to prevent this. The story spans the nine worlds and there's a lot of world jumping.
There's also quite a few chuckles. Stan Lee does make a cameo, I'll let you find it.

Oh yeah, stay until the VERY end, after the credits.

The trailer:

There was also a trailer for a new Captain America due on 4-4-14. It also looks like fun.
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Researchers for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority found over
200 dead crows near greater Boston recently, and there was
concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. A bird
pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to
everyone's relief, confirmed the problem was definitely not
Avian Flu. The cause of death appeared to be vehicular impacts.

However, during the detailed analysis it was noted that varying
colors of paints appeared on the bird's beaks and claws. By
analyzing these paint residues it was determined that 98% of the
crows had been killed by impact with trucks, while only 2% were
killed by an impact with a car.

MTA then hired an ornithological behaviorist to determine if
there was a cause for the disproportionate percentages of truck
kills versus car kills.

The ornithological behaviorist very quickly concluded the cause:
When crows eat road kill, they always have a look-out crow in a
nearby tree to warn of impending danger. They discovered that
while all the lookout crows could shout "Cah", not a single one
could shout "Truck."

It's Done!

Jul. 24th, 2013 02:59 am
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Mom went into surgery at about 4:15PM and was out at about 8:00PM.

A bit longer than expected but all went well.

I saw her in recovery at about 9:00PM. She was groggy but talking coherently.
She has been moved to a room as of about 11:00PM

(Yes this is being posted at 3:00AM - I came home, made a few phone calls, had a bite to eat and promptly fell asleep in front of the TV. Now that I'm awake, I can go to bed - I hate when this happens!)

PC Woes

Jun. 12th, 2013 02:06 pm
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My PC isn't working right. It'll boot and run OK for 5-10 min and then the screen will go "snowy" for a half second and the machine will then shut down. Once, I caught a glimpse of an error message within my Google browser saying it had a problem just before the screen went black.

The power supply and graphics board have both been replaced within the last three years.
Everything is clean inside, no visible problems.

On booting it'll usually not find the C drive, but it is a choice from the F10 menu and it'll boot OK once it's told. The battery on the board was replaced recently.
Occasionally the C drive does not show on the F10 menu, but will if I cycle the power.

I'm very tempted to take it over to MicroCenter and just say "Fix it"

For now I'm working on the laptop.
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May the 4th be with you!
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The "Mystery Cars" are finished and tested.
It looks like they will work well.

They are "iCar 4" models from Minuteman Scale Models.

More pictures and the first test movie files are here:

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OK - These are two laser cut kits that I am working on.

If you know what they are, just say "I know".

If you don't know - Take a guess.


More photos here:

The kits went together very well, and it's a neat design.
Next stop paint - probably yellow or orange.
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I have just changed my phone over to a 4S iPhone.

I now have texting and FaceTime and all the other good "stuff".

So if you want to talk, I'm here.


Nov. 11th, 2012 08:49 pm
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I've just found out that my friend Stalking Cat (Dennis Avner) has died.
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I'm baack!

Nov. 3rd, 2012 09:20 am
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As you have probably seen from comments to other posts, I have power at home - but no cable, phone or internet. The hobby shop got power at ten last night, and internet too.

So I'm on the 'puter at work right now.

We were VERY lucky, some areas near me are still without power and have large trees down too.

So, life goes on ...
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I'm typin' on my Netbook - as primitive as can be.

I'm currently sitting outside the local Starbucks as they are the only ones to currently have internet and it's too crowded inside. We have no power at home - lost it 8PM Monday, cable went at 4PM. The Hobby Shop will be open tomorrow for the first time this week. Hopefully Neil (my brother) will stay on with Mom so that I can go in.

We got off VERY easy! Yesterday we went out to do errands and there are areas with LOTS of huge trees down, some roads are still blocked.

The gas stove burners raise the temperature in the house to about 70, but Mom's still cold.
We have hot water, so we can get a good hot shower when wanted.

The big concerns right now are 1) Mom's chairlift batteries needing a recharge, 2) The refrigerator, 3) The freezer.

We've had an offer from Kamau for the use of a generator, but he's three hours north and it can't help with heat.

We keep hoping that power will return. It's getting cold enough to store refrigerated stuff outside, which may solve one problem.

That's it for now, gotta conserve batteries.


Oct. 28th, 2012 09:24 pm
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Only 4-8 inches of rain predicted.

HOWEVER, on Monday ...

7:30 AM until 11:00 AM (appx. times from memory)- High tides - Full Moon plus storm surge will add to 16+ feet above normal. Expect flooding.

By 3 PM Monday Sustained 50 mph winds, gusts to 95 mph. Lasting until at least 3 AM.

10:00 PM until 1:00 AM (appx. times from memory)- High tides - Full Moon plus storm surge will add to 16+ feet above normal. Expect flooding.

The flooding will not affect us directly. We are close to the water, but up over 100 ft.
I have friends who have been evacuated on the south shore and there will be low areas near me that will be impassible. A lot of the south shore and some areas of the north shore have mandatory evacuation orders. The Long Island Rail Road, the NY City Subways and NYC Buses were shut down at 7 PM tonight.

There's a good chance that we will loose power. They say 50/50 chance which means 90% probable.
We have municipal gas and water, so those should be OK.
We can use the burners on the gas stove, and from past experience we will have hot to warm water for a while (between what's in the heater tank and what the pilot light keeps warm). Mom's chair lift will work for several days (or more) on its battery. The laptop, netbook, Kindle, PSPs, DSi, 3DS, iPod and both cell phones are all charged, or will be. And I can always fall back on books and magazines.

The only worries are a freezer full of food and the refrigerator.
We are as prepared as we can be.

My days off from the hobby store are Monday and Tuesday this week, so I shouldn't loose work unless the store is without power on Wednesday or after.

It's already windy. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be "interesting".
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Of all the fates,
The one that's worst,
Is when your car gets dented first.

On Monday (10-1) we were out food shopping and my dear youngest brother managed to open the rear driver's side door into the side of a passing car.

There was no visible damage to that car, but about 2 inches x 6 inches of my door edge got "folded" outwards to a 45 degree angle.

I stopped at a body shop near work - it's a two day job to fix (bodywork, prep and paint) and their estimate is $450.

I'll swing by another shop near home and see what he says. It'll probably be about the same cost.

And, my brother has no money, so Mom says she will pick up the repair cost.

On the plus side, today I was able to install the window visors before the rains came.

I'm still waiting on the side moldings to come in. Pictures will come after that.
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You've hit the speed limit. You can't get any older.
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Mileage: 22,680

Changed oil & filter - No Charge

Installed: Rear Bumper Protector, Door Sills, Fog Lights, Mud Flaps, Cargo Tray

Still to be installed:
Window Visors (Wrong parts shipped to dealer - will ship to me for installation)
Body Side Moldings (Missing from order sheet - will be installed on next visit)

To be looked at / repaired - misc scratches and one dent, wheelcovers.
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Purchased December 23, 1999 - Mileage: 8
Mileage at trade-in: 249,515

It was a fun ride ...

KIRIN I is now a 2010 Suzuki SX4 AWD 4 DR hatchback - Mileage at purchase: 21,914
First Oil Change / Service will be at 22,500 (7500 mile intervals).

More information on the "new" car to come.


Jul. 29th, 2012 09:09 pm
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Six out of seven dwarves are not Happy.
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